The Best Music

Whether it's today's hits or "classics" from 10 years ago, It Takes 2 Entertainment plays all of the music to get you and your crowd moving on the dance floor from the beginning of the party until the end!

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The Best Party

It Takes 2 Entertainment specializes in YOU.

Your party

Our expertise

Unbelievable experience for you and your guests!

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The Best Sound

The sound of an It Takes 2 Entertainment is crisp and clear during speeches and pulsating during dances.  If you were a guest at a party and you couldn't hear the guests of honor, we were not the entertainers for that party.

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What's Best For You?


Who is the party for?  It's for you, your family and your friends.  This means the party should be about those three things.  It Takes 2 Entertainment always customizes their party towards their clients.  Our only concern is fulfilling your vision of your party.

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Are You Ready?

If you're ready to make your party amazing, find out what It Takes 2 Entertainment can do for you.