Basket Fundraiser

I love my job!  Have I ever mentioned that?  I get to see so much joy in people’s faces.  Think about it…when did you go to a party with a DJ and think, “Oh great, I don’t want hear music.  I just want to sit in silence.”  Hopefully, never.  Tonight, I am DJing by myself (no team, just me) and I am doing a Fundraiser with baskets.

As the chairwomen were setting the room up, I asked them about the schedule for the evening.  They mentioned a lot of announcing, dancing and calling basket winners.  I suggested that we spread out the baskets throughout the evening, this way we can get some dancing and the guests can enjoy themselves.  The chairwomen never thought of that idea and it was a hit.  The crowd danced, ate and then bought more basket chances.  It was a perfect evening!